Our selection of fine whiskies and spirits is second to none. Riverside boasts one of the state’s largest offerings of rare bottlings and hand-picked single barrel whiskies. Whether shopping for household name brands or the hard-to-find unique offerings, we’ve got you covered.

Riverside’s Single Barrel Program

Our Single Barrel selections are unprecedented, and unlike any other. Each year we hand select barrels from the best whiskey stocks to privately bottle for your enjoyment. These are our current offerings.

Buffalo Trace

Whistle Pig Rye

Bottled in Barn in the woodlands of Vermont, the Rye lovers at Whistle Pig Farm have created truly wonderful Rye Whiskey. With the help of Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, this 150 year old dairy farm is now a fully operational distillery. Aged 10 years and bottled at cask strength 115.9 proof, this dram boasts notes of candied orange, dried ginger and a warming oaky finish.

Codigo 1530 Rosa Blanco

Garrison Brothers

Distilled in Hye, Texas, Garrison Brothers is the first and oldest whiskey distillery in the state. This whiskey is not for the faint of heart. It is big and smoky. Enjoy it in moderation, straight-up, or with just a touch of ice. Deep caramel notes and baker’s chocolate dominate the palate, followed by dry dark fruits and intense oak spice.

Barrell Bourbon

Four Roses

Unlike any other distiller, Four Roses has 10 uniquely crafted recipes, two of which we hand select each year. Each recipe offers its own special characteristics. We are currently offering OBSF and OBSQ single barrels. Distinctively different, the OBSF is floral and fruity, while the OBSQ is bold and spicy.

Old Forester

Produced by Brown-Foreman, Old Forester is the longest running bourbon on the market today at approximately 145 years old as of 2016. The warehouses that hold these barrels are climate controlled and separated by concrete floors to allow precise temperatures to ensure quality. Our barrel is from the 6th floor of warehouse B and bottled at 90 proof. A pure delight!

Knob Creek

Barreled on January 10th 2007 and bottled early 2017, our Knob Creek barrel hits the decade mark. Stored in Warehouse D, Floor 7, Rick 6, Tier 2. It’s unblended, unfiltered, in its truest form. This whiskey left the barrel at 133 proof. It is a whiskey not to be taken lightly, with serious depth and roasted nutty notes. Even at the high proof – it is an enjoyable smooth drink.